About Us

             We would like to introduce our company HIM HIPPO COMPANY Private Limited, a subsidiary of "Timilsina Group" which is one of the leading business houses in Nepal with activities focused on Liaison and Representation, Travels and Tours (Holiday Express Travels and Tours Pvt.Ltd), consulting IT service(Unitech Network Pvt. Ltd), Pashmina manufactures (Innoxa Pashmina Nepal),General trading company (Innoxa Trading Pvt. Ltd) and Pharmaceuticals Products plant for basic human need.

              We are specialized in providing effective and efficient local liaison support and logistics support to foreign principals seeking to secure and execute businesses in Nepal. Our professional experience of more than 15 years in this line of business includes an impressive array of consultancy, supply and construction contracts secured from Government and Semi-Government clients on behalf of Principals from all over the world. Most of the contracts we helped to bid, secure and execute came from sectors such as Telecom, Power Energy, Drinking Water, Transport -Roads, Agriculture, etc to name a few. We are proud to mention that our continuous and unparalleled success for the last 15 years easily makes us one of the most successful in this line of business. We enjoy the business stability that is inherent in a Business Group with diversified business activities.

              Now our business relation is with various countries globally, equipment manufacturers and exporters. We appointed indenting agent of many varieties of electricity hydro power machine and Power Supply system equipment, as well as Telecom system.

We will be providing you with "Value Added and local Logistics Service supports" throughout the project cycle. We are backed by the overall group synergies activities that we can effectively leverage along with our unique capabilities to assist and promote companies like you for businesses and collaborations in Nepal. Our team will be able to greatly assist you with the necessary local services.