Telecom Sector

In Nepal, Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) is the regulatory body of telecommunications in the country. The investment market of telecom is a subject of interest for many foreign companies and NTA itself has to prepare the regulations on hand. Nepal is the first country to launch 3G (WCDMA) network in South Asia with the Government operator, Nepal Telecom. Telecoms of Nepal are also interested to introduce 4G technology to their network as soon as possible.

Nepal Telecom (NT) and Ncell Pvt. Ltd (NPL) have covered their services almost all part of the country. Smart Telecom Pvt. Ltd. (STPL) has just got the unified license for Basic Telephone Service. So it is going to establish its network throughout the country very soon. Remaining three, United Telcom Limited (UTL), Nepal Satellite Telecom Pvt. Ltd. (NSTPL) and STM Telecom Sanchar Pvt. Ltd. (STSPL) are also willing to get unified license. So Nepal is very good market for vendors of telecom equipment and services.