Electrical Distribution System Scope

For Electrical Distribution system items scope are follows we intend to join hands with international reputed manufacturers

  1. Distribution Transformer
  2. Single phase Energy Meter
  3. Three phase Energy Meter
  4. Distribution Cut Out
  5. Surge Arrestor
  6. ABC Cable and Hardware
  7. XLPE Cable and PVC Power Cable
  8. Concentric Cable
  9. MCB and MCCB
  10. Load Break and Disconnecting Switch
  11. Steel Tubular Pole
  12. Metering Unit
  13. Current Transformer
  14. Insulators and Hardware
  15. Sealing Wire and Tools
  16. Steel Tubular Poles
  17. Steel Telescopic Poles
  18. Transmission line tower
  19. All type of Electricity Billing System
  20. For Electricity Software system
  21. hydro-electric system
  22. Substations and SCADA Implementation