Telecom Distribution System Scope

We intend to join hands with international reputed manufacturers and suppliers as well as investors in the following fields:

  1. Switching system for - PSTN
  2. CDMA - WLL system
  3. GSM - Mobile System
  4. All Microwave Radio System
  5. All type of Optical Transmission Network system
  6. Telecom BS
  7. Telecom Tower
  8. All type Satellite Earth Station Equipment
  9. Air Condition (for Telecom equipment)
  10. Solar system (for Telecom equipment)
  11. Diesel Generators (for Telecom system)
  12. All type Telecom Cables
  13. All type of Telecom Billing System
  14. For Telecom Software system
  15. Telecom all type of Antenna