Solar System Design and Installation

We finalized site for the project after the comparative assessment and viability study of the available options, layout for the land along with the single line diagram are prepared.

Layout is a descriptive arrangement of the machinery and other civil structures on site so as to utilize the available land to its maximum with due consideration on the technical parameters.

Detailed engineering and designing for the plant inclusive of steel and concrete structures is done with optimum calculation, total Bill of Material is also prepared basis of designs being finalized for the project as per the specific technical and geographical requirements of the projects and the procurement will be done accordingly. Completion of detailed designing and engineering part, construction drawings are prepared for the execution of the work at site, Team of dynamic engineers along with the senior experience employees are responsible for quality and safety of the work at site which is supported by a system of checks, proof checking of drawings and careful supervision of work on site that ensures conformity of the work under execution with the final drawings and technical parameter are being supplied . All the civil, electrical and general arrangement drawings are prepared with precision in proper dimensions and scaling by the team having rich experience in solar power plant development team of dynamic engineers along with the senior experience employees .