+977 01-4525899

Company Profile

Corporate Office
Lazimpat KMC 2, Kathmandu, Nepal
Street Address: Kailash Chaur Marg, Lazimpat KMC 2, Kathmandu, Nepal
Mailing Address: GPO Box 153, Kathmandu, Nepal
Government Registration No.: 22883/059/60
Tax (PAN) VAT No.: 301297646
Phone: +977 1 4525899, 4545384
Fax: +977 1 4524818

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.
Nepal Investment Mega Bank Ltd.
Everest Bank Ltd.
NMB Bank Ltd.

Company Board
Mrs. Sabitri Timilsina, Honorary Chairperson
Mr. Pawan K. Timilsina, Founder/CEO
Ms. Roshani Timilsina, Executive Director
Ms. Sabina Maharjan, Board Secretary
Mr. Paarth Himalaya Timilsina, Executive Director
Mr. Pujya Himalaya Timilsina, Executive Director

Human Resources 20 (Twenty)*

* Represents only staff employed in the Liaison and Representation Business, doesn't include sister company's staffs and short term staffs.

Organizational Structure

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