+977 01-4525899

Company Profile

Corporate Office
Lazimpat KMC 2, Kathmandu, Nepal
Street Address: Pandole Marg, Lazimpat KMC 2, Kathmandu, Nepal
Mailing Address: GPO Box 153, Kathmandu, Nepal
Government Registration No.: 22883/059/60
Tax (PAN) VAT No.: 301297646
Phone: +977 1 4425899, 4445384
Fax: +977 1 4424818

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
Sunrise Bank Ltd.
Everest Bank Ltd.
NMB Bank Ltd.

Company Board
Mrs. Sabitri Timilsina, Honorary Chairperson
Mr. Pawan K. Timilsina, Founder/CEO
Ms. Roshani Timilsina, Executive Director
Ms. Sabina Maharjan, Board Secretary
Mr. Paarth Himalaya Timilsina, Executive Director
Mr. Pujya Himalaya Timilsina, Executive Director

Human Resources 20 (Twenty)*

* Represents only staff employed in the Liaison and Representation Business, doesn't include sister's company staffs and short term staffs.

Organizational Structure

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